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3D Factory Speech

1st European 3D incubator.

Entrepreneur 4.0 Forum 

Fundación INCYDE is an institution created in 1999 by all Spain’s Chambers of Commerce, dedicated to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and consolidation of companies through innovation. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chambers of Commerce, it fulfils its training and structural role in its training programs, as well as in the digital co-working and Advanced Technology Incubator Networking that the foundation makes available to new entrepreneurs. This way, INCYDE covers all the stages of a business project, from improving the idea to its incubation, acceleration, access to funding and maturation.
During the open ceremony Xavier Majoral, Business designer and co-founder of stimulo, had the opportunity to speech how design as innovation process can help entrepreneur 4.0 ecosystem to turn ideas and solutions into profitable products/services. Xavier shared his experience as consortium member of  SPARK H2020 project, Augmented Reality platform to encourage co-creativity between designers and end users in a digital environment; digital tools and agile methodologies that are changing our role as a designers.
We had the chance to share the stage with Mónica Colomé, HP marketing director who anticipates disruptive changes and  how advancements in 3D printing are helping to lead this revolution, changing the way the world designs, manufactures and distributes products.

The opening was chaired by the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque. The event was also attended by Barcelona’s Mayoress and President of the Zona Franca Consortium (CZFB), Ada Colau; the Special State Delegate to the CZFB, Pere Navarro; the President of Leitat, Jordi W. Carnes; and the President of the INCYDE Foundation, Jose Luis Bonet.

3DFactory Incubator is the only High-Tech 3D business incubator of the UE with a full range of services, to mark your idea or startup grow. The High-Tech Business incubator is a project led by “El Consorci de Zona Franca de Barcelona” and “Fundación LEITAT”. Its goal is to promote the adoption of 3D Printing technologies through the creation of a space for the incubation of SMEs and micro-SMEs related to these technologies.
This space will be located at the headquarters of “El Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona”, with a total area of 600 sqm. The incubation area will include co-working zones, offices, laboratories, training areas and meeting rooms. The High-Tech Business Incubator will also provide the incubated companies with a wide range of services.

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