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Methodology 4D

Stimulo’s methodology is composed of a 4-step itinerary which takes your project from detecting business opportunities to production. It is an agile, user-centered, market-oriented system focused on the delivery of value from minute 1, by merging strategy, design, creativity, engineering and business sense.

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Despite Stimulo background comes from Product Design, we soon spread our methodology and our problem-solving approach to other disciplines:

Product Design

  • Creating compelling product experiences. 
  • Whether your products are becoming weak, or you pretend to open new business opportunities, our Product Design service will take you from ‘today’ to ‘tomorrow’. Making use of our multidisciplinary team, we will merge strategy, design thinking and engineering to shape the future of your company. Aesthetics, materials, ergonomics and creativity are the tools we use to beat your competitors and increase your product’s value.


  • Think, Make, Test & Learn.
  • Making use of creative engineering Stimulo is able to provide with a proof of concept for your technical challenges. Mechanical engineering, electronics, materials, components, toolings, lab tests… are some of the tools we use to deliver working prototypes, pass regulations, and smoothly move into mass production.

Service Design

  • Providing compelling experiences.
  • Service design generates, plans and delivers positive user experiences. Placing users at the centre, conducting investigations with them, co-creating with you, prototyping ideas and testing them, are the tools we use for finally delivering meaningful experiences for your customers.

Interaction Design

  • Engaging digital experiences.
  • Providing meaningful communication in between your audience and your products and services, transforming user’s needs into positive interaction touchpoints.

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Our main areas of activity fall into the following fields:


Projects intended to be used by individuals. Involving sectors like appliances, sports, consumer electronics, homeware and outdoor leisure.

Consumer Work


Projects for B2B companies targeting professional workers or institutions. Includes street furniture, service equipment, safety devices and installations.

Equipment Work


Products and services made up for medical-related clients. Healthcare equipment, devices and improved patient experiences are included here.

Healthcare Work 

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Yes, we have high-performance computers, an spacious open office, blackboards with post-its and a wonderful kitchen. The real value of Stimulo, though, has nothing to do with what we have but with who we are. Designers, innovation planners, engineers and business developers shape our balanced creative zoo. They are, no doubt, our most valuable asset. Meet the team:

  • Xavier Majoral

    Business Developer & Designer

  • Ramon Martínez

    Product Designer & CEO

  • Miquel Pons


  • Joan Carles Sánchez

    Design Engineer

  • Marta Ferrés

    Accounting & Finance

  • Jaume Casas

    Design Engineer

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Complex projects require multidisciplinary teams. Only talented people is able to turn early ideas into success stories. Recruiting and building strong alliances with the fellows bellow is possibly our best asset:

  • Batllegroup

    Branding and Packaging Partners

  • Ferran Pruneda

    Digital Product & Service Designer

  • Fernando Ozores

    Innovation & Service Design

  • Daniel Paladini

    UX, UI and front-end

  • Alfred Sa

    Lighting Design

  • David Alesanco

    Structural Packaging Design