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ALEU, the mask against COVID19

The reusable and reconfigurable mask has been developed by 13 Catalan companies.

The objective of this project has been the design and industrialization of sanitary masks with a degree of protection FFP3. The production should make up for the lack of supply during the pandemic.

In addition to FFP3 protective masks, FFP2 and F9 protective filters have also been prepared, which are more suitable for filters in less critical environments. These models offer a high level of safety while increasing the comfort of breathing.

This project to develop measures to mitigate the effects of CoVID-19 is being developed under the supervision of the Girona Medical Association.


_Design and production of semi-rigid and reusable masks, with removable and interchangeable filter cartridges of categories FFP3 and FFP2, design oriented to industrial and health environments.
_The design of masks has been oriented to the industrial manufacture, using the productive capacities already existing in the territory.
_Design supervised by the Official College of Physicians of Girona and endorsed by the systematic measures carried out by Eurecat laboratory.
_The masks have been designed without an exhalation valve to minimize possible infection between users. Despite the absence of the exhalation valve, good breathability levels have been maintained to reduce user fatigue.
_Current production capacity of 1500 masks daily.
_Marketing of FFP2 version by Prometal3D


Customization, improving the user experience

An essential element of the safety of the mask use is that it must fits perfectly to the contour of the user’s face.

The design of the injection solution has been made after an ergonomic study that gives us a solution to most users, a size L that wants to be as universal as possible. But not everyone can wear this mask, you also need a small size, an extra large size, and in some cases a personalization is an added value in comfort and safety.

For maximum security, a set of 3D models is available. These masks allow personalized help to the outline of the user’s face.

At the moment, these 3D models make it possible to supply masks of different sizes, waiting for the injection molds of the other sizes to be made.

The team

Stimulo team has been working closely with 12 companies, institutions and makers on the mask design, specially in the initial stage to prototype the different solutions.

We want to thanks to Girona Medical Association, Eurecat , Soler & Palau and Alzamora Packaging to share their capabilities and experience. But this agile project couldn’t be succesful within the enthusiastic knowhow from Medium and Small companies as Imprenta Pagès, Venfilter,  BTwice, Artein Gasket, Mini Pleat Filter, QRF, or Tallers Jaume.

Our special congratulations to Esteve Farrés, from Tecnoateneu de Vilablareix to lead ALEU project under complex and unexpected situations.

“We estimate that its implementation could mean an economic saving of up to 30% compared to disposable masks”.

Esteve Farrés

Open Source Hardware

ALEU is non-profit project, within a collaborative and open project, where the results obtained are public and available under the open hardware license following the guidelines of CERN, Open Hardware Licence (CERN-OHL-W CERN OHL version 2).

Why ALEU naming?

The name ALEU has been chosen in reference to Dolors Aleu i Riera, she was a Catalan doctor, the first woman with a degree in medicine in Spain and the second to obtain a doctorate.


Presentation available at the link YouTube – Mascareta Aleu 29052020



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