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Be Inspired in Barcelona

Inspired in Barcelona® is a platform to promote creative talent and design inspired in Barcelona with an international scope.

Barcelona and Catalonia has a deep creative tradition and a distinctive design culture arising from the Mediterranean shores that influence the lifestyle and the state of mind of the creators who work here. You can feel this brackground on the different range of BBQ’s and accessories designed by Stimulo for GARTH.

Powered by the Barcelona Design centre, the platform is aimed to promote creative production from brands and professionals as well as inspiring emerging projects, and to disseminate content about the potential of the local creative industries in the global scene.

Barcelona is internationally recognised for its creativity in areas such as architecture, art, design or gastronomy, among others. Barcelona has emerged in recent years as a talent hub, an innovative ecosystem with diverse industries such as the technology, automotive, housing or design sectors.

Barcelona is known around the world as a beautiful city. It also has attached a series of icons and an imagery that are recognised immediately. This imagery is the result of a very special mix given only in Barcelona: strategic geographical location with good connection with the rest of the country, Europe and the world; an entrepreneurial spirit that has given birth to a cultural and industrial hub; a unique soul present in every corner of the city, local markets, libraries’ network and hidden treasures; a population with big contrasts, with a very rich range of ideas, beliefs and origins and a strict commitment to social and community causes; and lots and lots of talent thanks to the promotion, attraction and development of knowledge.

Barcelona is a city with a large and consolidated community involved in creative industries and historically related with architecture and design, but also in audio-visuals, fashion, architecture, gastronomy, videogames, visual arts, music, performing arts and cultural heritage. The Cultural and Creative Industries are a strategic sector for the city’s economy.

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