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Challenge of new business

The 8 key points.

As much as 80% of a product’s environmental impact is in fact determined at the design stage 🤔
We also want to share 8 key points to understand the “challenge of new business”.

There are many aspects that make a region and its companies capable of re-industrialising. New business models are needed, based on flatter management structures and much more responsibility dispersal. Added value must be created. This requires constant innovation in products, in production techniques, in sales methods, etc.
Innovation is a collective and interactive process, which cannot take place outside a highly territorial and systematic dimension.

Our circunstancies as society has change dramatically during the past year but before COVID19 we already started to anticipate different needs, behaviours and preferences; more personalized, custom, and friendly solutions like DIY are becoming more than trends.
As a designers we can talk more about how new products and services should be more personal, relevant, and rewarding experiences. And the more designers get involved in strategy and planning, the more design can drive both innovation and better business performance.
Maybe in the digital era prioritising human-to-human interactions is the best way to connect with consumers.

There is not PLANet B!
More and more people are reflecting on the world that we would leave to the next generations and the frustration with the excessive use of natural resources.
Pivoting from Human to Life Centered Design we open the focus and introduces a more systemic, holistic and environmentally friendly vision. An opportunity to change having for being.
Welcome to a great wave of transformation. Join us to promote innovation in a sustainable way by co-creating products and services in a harmonious way.

Yes, empathy is the ability to experience the feelings of others and to see the situation from their perspective.. ,so, if companies and leaders don’t adapt, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to find and retain talent.

For instance, employees who feel they can speak up, share ideas and be valued for their input are more willing to take chances to be innovative and creative.

Innovative structural packaging design has been the great forgotten of packaging systems. It is a factor that is often overlooked, although it is directly related to the consumer shopping experience and brand identity. Nowadays is a pretty important part of the product, not only to perceive the quality of what we are buying but also to face the sustainability demands to build a circular world.

But following a methodology and design process can also help you to anticipe solutions for a successful outcome with a long term view.

Applying design thinking tools and lean process help companies, organisations and entrepreneurs to make decisions and understanding all the complexities from holistic and agile way.

In design agencies like Stimulo, creativity happens any time because we see new projects as a challenge to do something new or do something in a new way; innovation and design requires inputs, data, and direction to respond to insights so keep in mind formalizing creativity.
And never underestimate the power of creative imagination ❗❗

Globally manufacturers and brands are facing pressure from their consumers to follow sustainable business practices and produce products that are less harmful to the environment.
Recently we see EU rules aims to reduce the volume and impact of single-use plastic products on the environment but also the EU is restricting products designed to be unfixable, forcing companies to change their ways. It’s a new consumer right, the Right to Repair, coming to the EU in 2021.

🤜🏻 The rules of the game in new product development are changing!

Maybe there are strong trends in some sectors but we believe markets are completely uncertain, many variables: the role of big distributors, the way to buy in shops or by internet, top brands alliance, social media influencers, products globalisation or cultural standardisation.

In this jungle, the best way is to be yourself. Being able to build your own strategy, with creativity, optimising your own potential. Risk always exist but there is always a chance to succeed. Nothing is for secure but there are many ways to manage and to control the pertinence of a project. Just launch it. Do not forget that a strategy is built and established for the long term, base in trust.
The design is not played as a joker.

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