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A tool that corrects the incorrect position of a fetus during childbirth.

Innovation in the health care sector

Stimulo contributed to the design and manufacturing of the Easysims cushion, a tool to maintain the modified Sims position during pregnancy. Currently, any pregnant woman who needs to improve this posture either because the unsuitable position of the fetus or because  a limited pelvis opening can use the tool at the Vall d’Hebron hospital campus of Barcelona, Spain
At the time of delivery, the fetus needs to face head downwards. But, in about 40% of women, this is not the case. If this incorrect position is not corrected, it is necessary to perform a cesarean section or use forceps. As Vanessa Bueno, midwife at vall d’Hebron  hospital an designer of the cushion explains, “this postural cushion is designed in such a way that women, lying sideways, place it between their legs to open the pelvis diameter and cause the internal rotation of her upper leg’s knee. Thus, the cushion helps to rotate the fetus head downwards as it finds more space in the pelvis allowing the delivery to be vaginal“. The origin of this idea is found during a number of clinical trials carried out by herself on how to facilitate the rotation of the fetus during childbirth when  malpositioning occurs.  To achieve the ideal modified Sims positio, the pregnant woman is placed in a lateral decubitus position (lying on the side) with her upper leg parallel to her lower leg and her knee rotated inwardly. “To assess the effects of this posture during delivery. Vanessa Bueno explains, “we carried out a study using the stretcher’s leg holders in order to raise her leg with the woman on the side. The results showed that there were more vaginal deliveries, cesarean sections were reduced by 16%, and maternal and fetal morbidity was reduced, as well as hospital stay and subsequent emergency visits, because there were fewer complications” The results of this study have been published in the Birth journal.

Women felt satisfied with the labor done in this position. But, if it takes longer, using leg holders reduces comfort. Therefore, the postural cushion that made this possible was developed. It can be used by any woman regardless of the hospital bed and we make sure that the position, the opening angle of the pelvis and the rotation of her upper leg’s knee are always adequate and the woman feels comfortable. Apart from its use in facilitating vaginal delivery, this cushion also helps pregnant women improve their rest during the third trimester of gestation. The resting pose that is recommended to pregnant women in order to improve the oxygenation of the fetus and reduce maternal pressure drops is the lateral decubitus position. Therefore, this cushion is ideal to achieve and maintain this position for many hours, as it prevents lumbar pains and discomfort.

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