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Another Achievement!

Delta award finalist 2018.

Our design for Wavecontrol became a finalist of the 2018 Delta design award organised by the Adi-Fad based in Barcelona. The organisation shares the objective of recognizing and promoting innovative products, emphasising the creative process and research; formal, functional and aesthetic resolution; environmental suitability, social impact and suitable application of technologies and materials.

A device for detecting electric and magnetic fields that can save lives. WaveMon detects and alerts the user when exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. A multiple sensory feedback system is integrated with a trigger threshold that covers audible, visible and vibratory alarms for maximum security for operators working in risk zones such as telecommunications masts. A versatile fastening system can be mounted on the harness, belt or arm, allowing the users to carry the device in their hand and move it closer to the radiation source. A lightweight, useful and effective monitoring device that ensures you are protected when working near electromagnetic fields.

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