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Design workshop at CatalonioBioHT

For this Service Design and Healthcare Workshop, Stimulo has created a specific itinerary of 3 sessions based on Design Thinking focus on redesigning the pre-rehabilitation services of patients with surgical risk, based on 3 criterias:

  1. Increase the commitment of the patient with the work plan
  2. Improve operational efficiency, taking advantage of new technologies
  3. Engage businesses and other entities to make it financially viable

After 4 years of research, the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has set up a pre-rehabilitation program at the welfare level to reduce the complications after surgery and to accelerate the recovery of the patient. This is a pioneering program in Spain, which aims to optimize the physical state of the patient, conduct food control and a mental balance based (Mindfulness), in order to face a surgical intervention. Despite the good results obtained, a 50% reduction in post-surgical complications in a high risk patient, the challenge was to join users in the improvement of this service and to be able to extrapolate experience in other hospital sectors. With this objective, stimulo and Buena Idea have developed their own methodology in order to work on new services and business model.

We had the opportunity to share experience with all stakeholders on the value chain; Anesthetists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Computer Technicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dietitian / Nutritionists, Experts in Innovation, Business Experts, Experts in Health Economics, Health Sector Experts, Services and Business Designers.

Stimulo is a member of  disseny de Barcelona and Healthtech 

Thanks to our partners and collaborators for this fantastic experience, especially to our partners Ferran Pruneda, Xavier Ayneto and Fernando Ozores who help us to define the global service design and dynamization of the sessions.

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