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How to be Creative?

Be creative with Stimulo design process.

The Chinese National TV (CCTV), highlighted the seminar on its news edition (minute 18.30). All the visitors to the conference, mainly chinese manufacturers and designers, were very interested in Marca Barcelona (Barcelona Brand), a city that attracts cool hunters, designers, architects and all kind of art and creativity seekers.

During these last years Chinese companies keep asking themselves how to stop competing for price, and start increasing their profit margins. The answer is clear: innovation and creativity.

With the raising interest about design among Chinese companies and the efforts that the Chinese government is doing in order to promote design, Stimulo had the chance to go to Shunde, the world’s manufacturing plant. But this time we did not go to visit any client. In this occasion we went to GIDC (Guangdong Industrial Design City), an extraordinary facility that gathers designers, manufacturers, schools, museums and tries to promote design in the Chinese southern province.

In front of 70 design & marketing managers, Xavier and Ellis tried to communicate to the audience the importance of being creative, innovative and different. Sharing case studies of our Chinese clients, Stimulo showed that coming up with products that have an impact in the market is not easy, but is possible if companies invest in design.

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