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IFA Berlin 2019 insights

Pains & Gains at Europe's biggest tech show

IFA is over. 6 days of hectic activity at the heart of Europe, where the big players show their value propositions in a complex market fight for getting the consumer’s attention. Innovation is the axis, a kind of filosofal stone in which everyone embraces as if it was a religion guru. We’ve been visiting IFA for the past 10 years, so we have enough perspective to give you a few trends insights:

Gains// Humanizing Technology

Remember when the trend setters used to make their booths like a technology hub, where the technical innovations where at the center? They tried to impress you by drawing a science-fiction future surrounded by robots, wearables and transparent screens, where you could feel like Tom Cruise living in Oblivion…

Well that is -fortunately- over. The more innovative the brand is, the more simple the atmosphere they create. Visitors walk through home-inspired environments, relaxed areas, cool jazz in the air, and meticulous lighting engineers making you feel like being in a calmed musuem…

Pain // Technology Bluffs

For how long were we bombed with 3D TVs? Remember the fight on 3D technologies, or curved TVs? Didn’t make you feel that you couldn’t breath without a flat 65 inch 3D curved smart TV? Well they’ve gone. Didn’t see a single curved TV in any of the major players. And by the way, life is back to 2D. You can through those useless glasses to the bin, as you always wished.

Gain // Design is still at the centre

As a design team, we are always enthusiastic about innovation (only to make it clear: for us, innovation=real value for users), no matter is a technology push or user-centred. But it is also remarkable how much weight does the aesthetics still have. In mature markets, where it’s hard to come up with disruptive proposals, companies strive on trying to make their proposals more appealing by INVOKING to emotions, trying to make you feel better, relaxed, energetic, etc. Speakers with fabrics that almost look like cushions, jewel-looking wearables, the home-deco TVs Serif from samsung  or the healthcare and day to day solutions from Philips , cached our attention, among others. Never underestimate the power of Design….

Pain/ Spanish brands. Where have you gone?

For a Barcelona-based company, it is sad to see that Spain has almost no presence in IFA. Interesting to see Cecotec, which seems to be the only one growing and making a good job in terms of product design and communication. For the rest, we know is not easy to compete in this field, but we also know that startup and entrepreneur ecosystem is growing up quickly, focus in disruptive innovations around user needs. We are sure this is the right long-term strategy to define a solid Brand identity, define an emotional Storytelling for your audience and pushing away the fact of buying and selling ready-made products from Asia.

Gain/ Design Language

It is true that many companies are in the constant fight for finding the next big thing, trying to revolutionise the market with new “real value” propositions. But, once again, design language is still a powerful tool which helps companies being consistent, sending coherent messages, generate brand recognition (which ultimate leads to loyalty):

_Supports Your Brand’s Values

_Helps Differentiate Your Product Within the Market

_Maintains Consistency With Your Entire Product Portfolio

_Embodies the Product’s Function

_Enhances the Customer’s Experience

Glad to visit Arzum stand, say hello to friends and see how premium automatic Turkish Coffee machines family is increasing under OKKA brand.

Pain // Comparisons are horrible

Big telecommunications brands are out-doing the next with their elaborate set-ups and technical innovations that try to catch your attention but Movistar. Those who come from Spain and have grown up with Movistar being “the” communication provider, it’s hard to understand the lack of enthusiasm in their booth. Consumer electronics goods and services are becoming a competition who create the best customer experience and it’s cleat them are not in the top. Especially if you compare with Telekom, who build a real playground for everyone. Telekom did a great job (again), inviting djs for live performances, interviewing celebrities, and designing a wonderful experience of fun, joy and entertainment, creating strong emotional links with consumers, whereas Movistar… it’s just ages away of that.

Meet soon!

Stimulo teams are convinced that we have laid the foundation for a successful year-end business at IFA 2019. Our team had the opportunity to exchange ideas about consumer trends, discover innovation and share new business potentials with clients, partners and suppliers.

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