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Ciao Milano!

Stimulo at the prestigious Milano Design Week.

Open Augmented Experience in Milano

Each April, hundreds of thousands of people make the pilgrimage to the city of Milan to attend the Milano Design Week. Two days during the fair the design community had the chance to attend the SPARK  H2020 Augmented Reality Experience in Milano hosted by Stimulo partner Artefice Group. Visitors had the chance to experience the latest research and innovation advancements in the field of Spatial Augmented Reality and see it applied to real projects in packaging and product design.

So, what SPARK H2020 platform is?

  • A new tool that fosters creativity for collaborative design.
  • A new design experience for the development and direct evaluation of design proposals.
  • A technology that removes communication barriers, streamlining the design process from ideation to final output.

We organised a journey through design stations to see you becoming an active player within the design process. Could you imagine to see real-like augmented prototypes changing in your hands in front of your own eyes? The spark system makes this possible, an advanced information management system keeps track of all the changes made to the design, to empower and boost the productivity of companies in your everyday practice.

The H2020 project is a Stimulo commitment to innovation through design processes to deal with an increasingly hyper-connected environment. The key in Product strategy for new products / services will be focus on be more agile, added value from the idea and development to marketing.

Discover more about  SPARK H2020.

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