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Download our SalvaOrelles file

3D printing for health.

The lack of sanitary material, due to the global health crisis caused by Covid 19, has prompted a series of initiatives in the health sector, specially through additive manufacturing as an alternative method of local production of sanitary equipment or devices to survive with the breakdown of stocks.

At Stimulo we are glad to take part of some of these challenge, joining to the makers community to bring the best in this situation, specially to the ones who day to day are in the front line. We are glad to share the design file evolution of SalvaOrelles that we did for Mireia, nurse at Hospital General de Granollers.

Feel free to download or to contact to and we will print out and send to you.

We know this initiative is a drop in the ocean compared to what is needed but you can also discover the most challenging goals from the Maker community in Catalonia.

Open for new collaborations?

With the technological resources available to everyone, thanks to democratization and the rapid spread of knowledge, free licenses of hardware and software, different networks of companies, entrepreneurs and volunteers grouped under the name of “Makers” have organised themselves collaboratively and altruistically to avoid the possible collapse of health resources and to respond to a series of vital and urgent needs.

If you are interested to develop a new solution to improve quality of life of people, Stimulo team will be glad to join experiences and resources to be more agile and emphatic with your costumers. With Covid-19, we can see a shift in how consumers and businesses behave and the best way to face “new normality” challenges in middle and long term is joining forces with other businesses and stakeholders to make the job easier.

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