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Ideas2value Network

Stimulo welcomed as a new member.



Stimulo is becoming a member of the Ideas2Value Network with the aim of contributing and sharing our experience in the world of industrial design and innovation. In an increasingly interconnected environment, the ability to provide simple answers to complex problems requires multidisciplinary talent and work teams. Ideas2Value seeks to increase the innovative potential of your company by creating new businesses, from the detection of opportunities and generation of ideas, to the management of projects and exploitation of their results to innovate successfully.

From Ideas2value:

We create optimal environments for innovation: We create spaces, physical and virtual, and innovative ecosystems open, where creativity is fostered and in which people, processes and innovation networks interact optimally.

Materialize the innovation: We are actively involved in obtaining results through the management, management and execution of projects innovation in products, processes, organization, services and business models.

We improve the strategy, organization and management of innovation: We make innovation as strategic business process, open, effective, efficient and results oriented, capable of generating new value, competitive advantages and sustained growth from a dual internal and external approach.
We transform knowledge into innovation: We catalyze transfer processes from science to the market, as well as the creation of new technology-based businesses. We create knowledge management systems and technology for intelligent innovation.

Greetings to all members of the network and ready to start collaborating!

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