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Barcelona Inspires Design

Cross-cultural design connects to people.

Multicultural design as a business opportunity

On a global market, cross-cultural design connects with people on an emotional level.

As a human been we have our own cultural values and norms, which influence the way we think, feel and act. People in a particular ethnic group tend to share the language, customs, values, and social views, but why not share the same home appliances?

Based on this cultural values and standards stimulo is developing design concepts where consumers can  “see themselves” and identify with the characters in the design and feel affinity with the brands.

Think local act global; Once a company acknowledges the value of multicultural design and begins investing in research and development of products, innovations and smart solutions capabilities, these can be leveraged in the global environment.

From Barcelona we are recovering our Mediterranean soul to explore our rich design experience to join multidisciplinary projects to develop worldwide products/services.

Stimulo is connecting east and west, connecting coffee and tea business, with new consumer demands and last technology  and innovations solutions in the home appliances field. Join us to discover how creativity can improve your every days products.

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