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MWC19 Barcelona

Welcome to the digital madness.

Top trends!

Tyre companies making apps for smart cities. Big manufacturing suppliers providing solutions for the disabled niche population. Traditional car manufacturers with no cars in their stands, because they are now focused in “other services”. Small start-ups proposing solutions that may eventually compete with Google or Apple in the near future. The MWC, again, is a vibrant and extraordinary competitive jungle where big dinosaurs fight each other while hundreds of hi-tech companies swarm around trying to define their future. Information flows in all directions at vertigo speed; well-known companies making their own shows, influencers taking selfies, TVs and Radios broadcasting live, huge TV screens surrounding you at all times interviewing the next game-changer guru, and troops of visitors going everywhere with a mix of astonishment and anxiety in their eyes.

That’s the closest thing to madness i’ve ever seen in terms of business. It seems we will need 5G brains to handle so much information.

But hey there’s good news: among all that hubbub, there are plenty of opportunities for those who have a purpose and have the courage (or unconsciousness) to challenge the market. Here’s a few selection of innovations that catches our attention:

WE WALK, a smart cane designed for the visually impaired

Equipped with ultrasonic sensors, this device can alert the user when obstacles are detected, and it’s provided with a touchpad to operate your phone remotely. A microphone and built-in speakers enable voice interactions, being able to even connect with Alexa, integrate google maps, integration of ride-sharing apps.

BMW, nature-inspired mobility

Nature is at the center of BMW i-NEXT inspiration, which has made a deep work on improving mobility experience from a sensorial perspective. Warm fabrics, comfortable leathers, soft feelings, always with a strong link to nature. Awesome interaction effects transforming almost any surface and material into a digital pad.

Seat Minimó & Kickscooter

I always hear the sentence “how would imagine that in 2019 we would have this or that products ready to use?” Well, in terms of mobility, I am surprised that small cars are being introduced so slowly in the market, with such dispiriting caution. Isn’t it obvious that saturated cities are in need of smaller, smarter, and environmentally friendly vehicles? Well we finally have SEAT’s offering in that direction: SEAT Minimó & their Kickscooter, which are planned to be launched next year.

Connect-Lab GPS protects your people and things

Single app to connect, monitor and protect the people and things you love. Different devices cover particular use cases like people, pets, bikes, etc. Good design and great value.

Turkcell’s Platoon

A smart mobility system for trucks that allows following units to automatically copy movements of the leading truck, so drivers seating on rear ones can just relax and rest while travelling long routes, reducing costs and improving driving experience.

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