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New Normality

In the way to create a culture of success

The problems we face these days need more than one solution, developing connections and building relationships is as important as creating ideas; the situation requires working with other organisations (sometimes our competitors) and allowing people to be part of the solution. Organisations, SMEs and entrepreneurs need to define new process and principles but is their culture and how they connects with society and partners the real value to face challenges.

In this way leadership is needed to encourage innovation, build skills and capability, provide space for iteration and experimentation to allows projects to be open and agile, showing results along the way and being able to pivote. Why? because in current post pandemia situation Innovation is all about people — imagining, designing and developing meaningful solutions for their needs and wants.

As designers, we are living in three dimensions: human  (desirability), business (viability) and technology (feasibility). In our day to day, we connect these three dimensions to create products, services and experiences  that bring positive values (sometime some smiles) to the communities we design for.

Continuous Design or the framework for innovation

As industrial designers we make physical models for all our projects. In the digital transformation era we love to feel hybrids because digitization is intrinsic to the value proposition. Digital revolution is not a shortcut on the industrial design process, maybe we can start talking about Continuous Design process to help new “manufacturers” know where to focus. It offers a systematic execution of continuous design and delivery that helps manufacturers and entrepreneurs focus on the right things at the right time, leveraging the best of what’s out there in modern practices like design thinking and Lean Startup.

Ok,  this isn’t so much a new process, as a blend of existing, proven methodologies but 4D methodology is about identifying your key assumptions and proving (or disproving) them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Keeping the venture focused on this in the early days will save money, time  and grief. The Four D’sWhy is this so important? The underlying assumption is that in an environment of uncertainty, which is the situation you have with any new product, you just can’t understand the whole product/market fit in advance. So, the idea goes, get it in front of your target users sooner vs. later to start your user-validated learning ASAP.

Back to basics

New normality imposes changes in the design business strategy, so we propose a pause. This holistic value design is a transversal approach to product development that offers pivotal pathways for procurement, design, engineering, and manufacturing to collaborate in driving the most effective outcomes in product development activities. Our activities follow 3 axis:

• Proximity in order to be more agile and accelerate projects.

• Develop an innovative ecosystem to face uncertainty and more inclusive & sustainable economy.

• User Experiences to meet today’s challenges and anticipate the future.

At Stimulo we want to reinforce the social purpose of our collaborations and projects because at the end what is good for society should also be good for business.


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