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Plus X Award

OKKA Arzum new recognition.

Along with filter coffee and pressing water through coffee powder under high pressure, another form of making coffee is the Turkish or Arabian art of making mocha. The Arzum Okka is one the very few machines that can automatically perform the relatively slow ritual of making mocha. Simply fill in dust-fine powder and sugar for one or two cups and leave the rest to the machine. Fine, even foam and the typical taste of directly brewed, unfiltered coffee then flows into the cups placed below. At the touch of a button, the machine starts the five- or six-minute procedure that a genuine Turkish mocha needs. Cleaning up afterwards is very simple – press a button and the machine cleanses itself with no further ado.

Design & Easy to Use Award

We had taken our inspiration from Turkish coffee and designed it to offer the perfect Turkish Coffee experience. The perfect combination of design and quality finds body in unique form. The copper shades and the naive motives combined with a stylish touch is in a great harmony with Turkish coffee culture. XPLUS AWARD 2016, now, gives you more reasons to own an Arzum OKKA.

Okka is part of the Plus X Awards hall of fame

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