Case study

Botanical Origin

  • Client: RB
  • Year: 2020

All the power of nature concentrated into a translucent, radiant droplet.

The Challenge

RB, world leader in health, hygiene and household consumer products, presents “Botanical Origin”, a new range of detergents, fabric conditioners and multi-purpose household cleaners. Stimulo together with Batllegroup branding agency, worked from the creative concept, based on the claim “The power of nature” all the way to up to a final product in stores. A new product brand with up to 97% of ingredients derived from botanical origin, nonetheless still perceived as an effective product. The challenge was clear: Convey naturalness and respect for both people and the environment, while underscoring the efficacy and cleaning power over a full range of products.


Creative exploration

Understanding and reinterpreting the design drivers and translating them into tangible objects is what Stimulo does best. We transformed the essence of a droplet into the new flagship bottle for the whole Botanical range. Iteration after iteration polishing until all the requirements were met, cautiously analysing all facets with impact on the design resulting in a soft and serene volume with ambar finishes enhancing the natural features of the product. “Botanical Origin” is the perfect example of packaging design and product design working together to create an experience that enhances the product adding value to the brand.


There is a continuous need to have ongoing conversations between all stakeholders within the development group. The product design team, marketing team and manufacturers each have there own specific design drivers with the responsibility of Stimulo to form an equilibrium between the different stakeholders. The ideal goal is to comply with all technical, environmental and marketing necessities and allow the most creative ideas to flourish within the framework that is created for us. Furthermore there is consent cost factor involved that cant be taken out of the equation, resulting in a complex puzzle of needs. Efficient design reduces costs, ecological footprint, weight, feasibility and many more, and this is what Stimulo strives for.

Why sustainability?

Devised to connect with the needs and expectations of the new generations, the new range promotes more environmentally sensitive ways of consumption without sacrificing efficacy nor convenience. We created a differential design, in tune with the product proposal, in which the transparency, shapes and colour become the major assets of the new brand. A design which concentrates the full power of nature in an iconic translucent and radiant form echoed in each of the packs of the new range. All the packs of the range are 100% recyclable, and some made with up to 50% of recycled plastic.

Stimulo & Batllegroup co-creation

Structural Design if used correctly can massively influence Commercial Results!

Following this principal we started co-creating with our branding partners Batllegroup the structural packaging design of the new RB brand, Botanical Origin. And our first activity was visiting the production line and sitting together with a factory team to work out manageable solutions, easy to accomplish within the current production setup and not to difficult and costly to achieve.

We have been collaborating with Batllegroup for more than 10 years, focusing in design brands, products and service to connect with people via trends, strategy and innovation. We co-create alongside our clients to design unique concepts. Each project offers an opportunity to build branding and Products.


Packaging Innovation as an opportunity

Current trends and consumer behaviours in relation to packaging open up important opportunities for brands, at the same time new logistical, sales and retail challenges but maybe on the top sustainability will change the sector as we know it today.


Innovation devised in Barcelona for everyone.