Case study


  • Client: Carandini
  • Year: 2020

Mikos is the new lighting concept by Carandini that has been designed for all types of urban spaces.

In this case study Stimulo takes on the Full project development, this means we are involved from the early beginning all the way until the launch of the product.  The starting point was defined by our client Carandini and came from a need to create a versatile and polyvalent street lighting solution for ambient purposes that adapted perfectly to any urban environment for a worldwide market. The key words were valuable and competitiveness within the market which became our first design drivers.



To create a deeper understanding and concretise our first design directions Stimulo organised group creativity sessions with the client. These sessions are both useful for the client to create an understanding of the basic design and development decisions that will have to be made and for our own team to learn and understand the psychology, thought-flow and needs of the client and subsequently the project. During these creative workshops we analysed and positioned what our future product will be defined by. For the ambient projector the we illustrated there was a need for minimalistic robustness that was easily identified with the DNA of Carandini. On the other hand there were more technical elements that came up that would define the further decision making process, for example: the need of easy installation, heat dissipation, size, light requirements, etc..

Our Methodology for the project could be defined as a classic design thinking approach, where each need will have to be defined and through a process of  ideation will result in a functional or virtual prototype and can be tested. We laid the foundations of the project with a broad and open minded point of view and through a process of iteration and joint-efficient decision making was moved towards the goal.

The final result is the Carandini Mikos ambient projector, a lighting solution which thanks to a great flexibility and matching optical solutions perfectly fits into any Urban setting ideal for parks, roundabouts, and urban roads that is tested and verified to extend and matches our initial target points.

Concept scketches



Project process