Case study


  • Client: City Farm
  • Year: 2018

Providing an easy solution to grow your own ecological veggies at home.


CityFarm will provide you with your daily fresh organic veggies, without the harmful chemicals and most importantly without any of the extra work. Just plug and grow, Midori takes care of the rest making use of a hydroponic system based on water circulation. Plant your seeds and wait, Over the next couple of days and weeks you will see a perfectly healthy plant appearing. Hydroponics, or hydroponic agriculture, is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil. The NFT hydroponic system (Nutrient Film Technique) is a soilless cultivation system using only water and based on the re-circulation of a nutrient solution past the bare roots, allowing the plants to absorb water, nutrients and oxygen.This technique which is adapted from professional green farming installations, has some significant advantages over traditional gardening.


  • Soil


    No soil is needed

  • Growth


    Plants grow at least
    20 percent faster

  • Harvest


    Your harvest can be up to
    25 percent bigger

  • Non-Seasonal


    Able to grow crops all year





The Midori urban garden is a playfull addition for any interior or exterior modern urban environment, with utmost attention towards Ecology, sustainability and design.

Up to production

The multidisciplinary team of CityFarm consisting out of engineers, architects and experts in the field sustainability came to our studio with a basic, rough, proof of concept and asked us to re-engineer and design a new model to fit into a vibrant urban environment. Stimulo got involved as the design consultants guiding the team, overlooking all stages of design, engineering, and prototyping up until production. As we went through the project immersion phase, we instantly started questioning the original architecture of the existing basic model, proposing different solutions and directions. Whereafter, with our research in mind, style mood-boards with matching sketch directions where created and iterated with the help of Rhinoceros and Solidworks. Stimulo transformed a rough proof of concept into a completely new, cost efficient, rotomolded product, ready to go to market.


Our client did not want to aim the project to the classic farming setting. The main user was meant to be a city person which changes a traditional gardening design approach. subsequently, the emotional appearance of the Midori garden became one of the most important design drivers to fit into a modern city apartment. For this reason we considered the hydroponic garden from very early on in the development process as a piece of design furniture, with an extreme eye for detail. The attention to the look and feel of the product’s volume and lines lead us to a rather minimalist approach with straightforward, rounded, edges and a soft textured plastic material with integrated elegant legs which combines extremely well with the wooden add-on tool-structure.

Project process