Fervor Accessories

  • Client: Garth
  • Year: 2015

Garth and stimulo partnered to create a new range of high quality and affordable accessories to give barbecue lovers the best cooking experience.

Garth is a family company which is been producing quality, attractive and affordable barbecue products for over 40 years. After the success of Benz Gas Barbecue, Garth came with a new challenge:  design a range of innovative, affordable and practical accessories with a unique selling proposition.

Finding the right strategy for a new brand

When stimulo started analyzing the barbecue accessories market together with Garth, we identified two markedly differentiated market segments. In one side, renowned brands with a long history in the market and a strong design language clearly focused on a high-end target. Even if these are high-quality and functional accessories, we found that some BBQ’s aficionados were not willing to pay such a high price. In the other side, a lot of brands fighting for cost and selling accessories that didn’t really add anything new or innovative to the cooking experience. The market opportunity was clear: creating a brand offering smart, down to earth and affordable solutions for a target who was willing to spend a little bit more money to enjoy cooking in another level.

Co-creation with clients and users

Once the attributes of Fervor were fixed, stimulo conducted a co-creation session with Garth and some of its clients, as well as target users with the goal of finding opportunities to improve and add value the grilling experience. In order to find improvement opportunities for the accessories that we had to design, we analyzed the different cooking techniques that gas grill barbecues offer. We studied as well how users interacted with the barbecue and how they behaved in their cooking preparation areas. By conducting this user’s research, we found out some frustrations and new needs which we transformed into innovation opportunities.

Designed to improve user's experience

When we started the creative process, we tried to give the accessories better solutions to meet those needs which we had previously identified. In order to make the basting brush deliver more sauce, we added small nodules on the bristles, which were designed to capture more sauce as you dip the brush. One of the biggest opportunities that we found to make barbecue lovers’ life easier was the need for versatile accessories which could be used in any step of the cooking process: preparation, storage, marinating, grilling or serving. That’s how the idea of designing the roasting dish and the grill topper came up. Two complementary accessories which allows plenty of different cooking ways and can be used in every single step of the barbecue process. A detachable handle was also designed to let users completely close their BBQ hoods as well as using it for other types of baskets. We also designed a smart push & pull locking system to easily close the tongs by just pulling the lock. Other accessories with small improvements were also designed, such as the multifunctional spatula, with a handle elevated away from the blade to make gripping more comfortable.