• Client: Fornetto
  • Year: 2017

A high quality, precision smoker kit that bates food with even smoke flavour and render.

Slow cooking, the way to go

One of the best elements about being a professional or home chef is the capacity to continuously amaze your customers, family or friends with your own extraordinary creations. There is a level of creativity during a cooking process that just can’t be found in other art-forms evolving around tastes, aromas, textures and visual feedback. A great way to enhance your cooking experience is to immerse yourself into the world of low and slow. An incredible way to transform beef, pork, poultry, seafood and vegetables into flavourful, extraordinary, and delicious dishes.

A slow cooking process breaks down the connective tissues of your ingredients, allowing flavours to be released which with traditional cooking methods would be lost and with the right attention to detail can even be intensified and add another dimension to your creation. A variety of slow cooking techniques exist and all have one element in common, they use a low heat source for a longer amount of time. Smoking is considered such a technique were intense flavourful smoke is added over a long period of time to the equation of cooking. it allows a chef to break down to tougher fibres of meat, poultry, root vegetables,etc. and releasing them in the form of flavour.

Fornetto is an Australian brand that aims for high quality, affordable barbecue experiences, focusing on crafted smokers and wood fired ovens.

Product range development

Fumo was developed with the intention to exist in the world of fire, charcoal and smoke this was enhanced with the rough, black, metal enameled finish with the orange details, the industrial features make it look like a machine and this is exactly what our prime user expected. Fumo is a pellet smoker which means smoke and heat is created by burning compressed wood pellets. It is an efficient plug&play technology which can transform anybody into a professional cook. It is extremely user friendly and practical so even non-experienced users are able to do a perfect smoke and turn up with an incredible dish.

A complementary accessory set has been developed fitting into the brand’s language. The tools resemble a straightforward, stylish and honest object with the rough industrial features which also can be found in the other fornetto products. Ranging from basic barbecue spatulas, forks and cleaning brushes to the more specialised BBQ utensils like smoker boxes and charcoal starters. They cover all the necessities you could have for giving you a perfect barbeque or smoking day. More tools and smoker sets will be developed in the future because of the natural trends in this segment of the market. Stimulo surely has not seen the last of the fornetto brand because we know that


The design process

We created a wide variety of products for the brand Fornetto which all fit under the “Master the flame” brand philosophy. Extensive brainstorm sessions and user interviews proceed the design phase to map out all possible needs and requirements. Innovation is a must in this highly competitive market so we made sure that we came up with some unique specialised features which distinguish fornetto from their main competitors and enhances the brands appearance presented in stores.  

From there on our design team started with a broad brand styling exploration with possible accent points and details which resembled the Fornetto brands values. After going through several iterative selection rounds of concept development a more focussed track was selected. We steadily evolved through 3D modelling and rapid prototyping phases to reach a final design concept which could be adapted to the complete range of products. The assurance of the quality and reliability of your product is a necessity to guarantee  market success Therefore when reaching the final stages before the production several Work-like/look-like prototypes were developed and extensively tested to guarantee the success of the product.


Our  good communication with the client was a key feature for the success of  the project. Our client based in Australia with a production line in China demanded a to the point and structured objective to avoid complications. The design brief clearly stated to keep a strong control over the production cost in this highly competitive market and this was translated into all products of the range.

Fornetto: The original home of the quality crafted smoker allowing you to cook tantalising smoked foods, roasts and other baked dishes.