Self-service kiosk

  • Client: ALVIC
  • Year: 2015

ALVIC, lead company in the hydrocarbons sector, commissioned us to integrate the most advanced self-service system into its terminals in a compact format.

Self-service payment is a growing trend among service stations, supermarkets and marinas, which have expanded their offering of services and functions. ALVIC and Stimulo have come together to develop the Self Pro terminal, which is capable of stimulating purchase desire among consumers, as well as being attractive, and technically and economically viable. Discover “Self Pro”, a self-service terminal that is characterized by its compact dimensions, ideally suited to premises with restricted space available. It offers a touch screen complete with a vandal-proof system specially designed not to interfere with screen visibility or user interactions. Discover the different payment terminal options that we have contributed to with our knowledge (concept, design and development) in order to achieve an extremely compact, high spec product to fulfill the main characteristics ALVIC offers the market with its value proposition.

  1. The design defines the brand, boosting perceptions of quality in the same line as the Autofuel terminal, and maximizing differentiation, establishing the foundations of a future design language that can be applied to future products to increase brand coherence.
  2. Cost optimization, using engineering to maintain production costs at a viable minimum, simultaneously guaranteeing quality and avoiding risks during batch production.
  3. Development of casings and optimization of the end product for industrialization integrating technology developed by ALVIC
  4. Prototypes Once the design is resolved, which physically tests the proposed solutions, checking assembly, proportions, and technical feasibility.
  5. Improving User Experience, via different solutions with a highly aesthetic aspect and a distribution of elements that makes it possible to achieve comfortable usability.

Project process