Case study


  • Client: Ventura Medical Technologies
  • Year: 2018

A close collaboration with Ventura Medical Technologies to develop a new device for safe and consistent ear wax removal.

Uncovering business opportunities

Believe it or not, the way doctors are removing wax plugs from your ears is pretty basic. Elemental extraction tools, or simple water irrigation artifacts are commonly used among professionals when it comes to removing wax. They are effective indeed, but also associated risks, since its safety depends on the user’s skills. There is a clear opportunity to create a more professional system, improving not only the ergonomics, but also its comfort, safety and functionality. Stimulo extracted crucial insights from user interviews, allowing the design team to define and prioritize the challenges to be addressed. While engineers were ensuring water control, designers were focused in improving user’s experience by optimizing ergonomics, simplifying operations and adding value with extra functions like automatic flow-stop when releasing the button.

Its gun-shaped design offers better accuracy and positioning control to doctors & nurses, whom also appreciate the comfort and easiness of use when it comes to loading water, washing up, and sterilisation of the device.

At the end of the iteration process the device became smaller, more compact, hassle-free, production-optimized, and of course possesses a high design resolutions, which is not only helping the company to position their brand, but also keeping production costs low.

Lantitaps is a medical device which allows users to safely project water into the patient’s ears, which uses a controlled pressure and flow system to prevent eardrum-related injuries.

Project process