Case study

Downhill Longboard

  • Client: Baluard
  • Year: 2017

New materials to face new challenges

The limit

Ask anyone who speedboards about their first time stepping onto a skateboard and going down a hill, and they’ll all tell you roughly the same thing; they’ll all undoubtedly tell you about the feeling, the threshold, the limit. The invisible line of fear that exists in our brain, the nonexistent wall which we spend the better part of our whole lives trying to break down, to become better, faster, stronger.

This point is crucial for the design team to understand the final design, between being the fastest and safest.


Design & Technology

Salvador, Baluard Barcelona owner, is an expert with more than 30 years in modelling, prototyping and manufacturing special projects. After developing the first LB11 longboard prototype Salvador contacted stimulo team to develop a specific Baluard longboard RS (Racing Services) for downhill competition.

There is a trend to develop Carbon fiber new longboards in front the traditional wooden ones, not only because of its strong and lightweight components, but it’s also extremely resistant and can take shapes and forms that wooden simply can’t. The manufacturing process consists in two carbon fiber outer parts prepreg with a lightweight epoxy green resin rsf816G (®) from SikaAxson plus internal trucks supports built in polyurethane. After started experimenting with different carbon fiber and composites materials we consider to add an inner extruded structure containing biaxial 45º of fibreglass hardened with microwaves. This configuration gives the LB15 and LB17 parts a great ability to absorb ground irregularities better than any other board made of wood or Carbon fiber, giving a cornering safer and faster due to the work of its internal structure.

Each board is manufactured per order and assembled by hand. LB17 series are available exclusively  from Baluard.


Baluard competition

  • Races



  • Podiums



Technical Specifications:

Length 92 cm – 36 inches
Width 24.5 cm – 9.6 inches
Concave 15 millimeters – 6 inches
Weight 1.4kg – 3.1 lbs
Wheelbase 25-26-27-28 inch Wheelbase
Flex hard
Grip tape included
Urethane molded bumpers included

Our board Baluard LB17 was one of the novelties at Europe JEC Composites in Paris at  the SIKA booth.

Project process