Rock BBQ Collection

  • Client: Garth
  • Year: 2014

In order to seduce international buyers, Garth and Stimulo partnered to develop a range of barbeques specifically designed for DIY stores.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like enjoying a BBQ on a sunny weekend with friends and family?
BBQ culture is a great pleasure, and Garth wants to make it easy and affordable for all of us. Having long experience in the industry, and backed up with a deep knowledge of the business, Garth asked Stimulo to design a new range of BBQs to be sold in DIY stores around the world. And so we did.
The key factors of success in the project were to design a product specifically suited for its target market while at the same time keeping an eye on making sure costs were kept to a minimum. Sometimes designers tend to be driven by a kind of “designer’s fever” which often results in products that don’t really seduce the target end consumer to buy. On the contrary with this project, we got under our customer’s skin with our design for them. Gavin from Garth didn’t stop reminding us: “Think about your uncle’s home. This is our target market!”

Sales were a great success during their 2014 campaign. We are proud to say that design is a decisive tool when combined with strategy.

The final BBQ has a good balance of robustness and elegance. It’s eye-catching, powerful and somehow close to what average buyers would like to put in their homes. And of course, thanks to Garths’ experience and production facilities in China, the cost of the product is low in comparison to market leaders.
Other convenient features such as an enlarged countertop workspace, an accessories convenience drawer, a complete accessories system to be attached in the perforated sides of the BBQ, a fat-free Grillsmart cooking system, and a see-through roasting hood, among others things, made this product that more attractive to buyers.
This ended up being a perfect combination because retailers like Bauhaus showed great interest in the product, and finally decided to use it as a flagship line for its entire catalogue in Europe.

Project process