Smart Faucets

  • Client: Zeyron Technologies
  • Year: 2010

Zeyron and stimulo partnered to integrate a smart system for the management and control of water consumption into basins, bathtubs and kitchen faucets for sport centres, hotels and office buildings.

Over the last decade, digital interfaces have become part of our daily life. Users got used to new technologies that provide a high degree of comfort and convenience. Zeyron Technologies is a company specialized in the innovation, development and manufacturing of electronic devices and smart systems for the regulation, control and management of water consumption. When Zeyron and Stimulo initiated the project the challenge was clear: How to integrate this technology into basins, bathtubs and kitchen faucets?

Given the advantages that smart water management system offers in terms of water consumption saving and control, sports centres, hotels, spas or office buildings are the main users of this technology. That’s why hygiene and easy maintenance are extremely important for final users. With the aim of providing the maximum standards of comfort, the design is characterized by its simplicity and intuitive use, which allows each user to control the tap flow rate and temperature with an electronic keyboard.