Case study


  • Client: Estel Group
  • Year: 2018

A collaboration with Estel Group to provide a strength sensor and accessories to fitness lovers.

Helping business evolve

Estel grup has been on the frontline of innovation in the field of metallurgy  for more than 40 years. it is a company specialised in all services related to stamping and machining of non-ferrous metals and steel. The knowledge acquired after having projects in a wide variety of sectors led to a collaboration with two main universities of Barcelona, Spain UPC and INEFC and resulted into the development of a strength measurement sensor for fitness purposes. The sensor Estel developed is able to process your dynamic and isometric strength which allows you to exercise safely, improve your performance level and physical condition. This is the point where the Suiff system was taking shape and Stimulo got involved.

Integration of electronics, hardware and software

The sensor was proven to be working, now the question was how to make this into a marketable idea with the need to be transferred from a technological concept into functioning and attractive product? through iterative design thinking we went from hand sketches to design concepts that quickly evolved into 3D printed prototypes which could be tested in real life. A simple electronic tool with the potential to have a huge effect on your training routine now consisted out of three different elements: an app, a sensor and a training set. Three steps are necessary to achieve your goals. Firstly, personalise your setup through the app. Secondly, synchronise the Suiff bands sensor to the app and thirdly enjoy your strength training session anywhere you like.

SUIFF makes it easier for you to train where, when and how you want it, tracking your activity and guiding you through the best and safest practice.

Maximization of the emotional impact by design

The device resembles a sporty, strong and high-tech design element with lines that flow with the strength of the muscle. The same details of design we tried to integrate into the colour, material and finish approach. The strong metal colours enhance the design and give Suiff the necessary strength just as you need during your workout. The app provides you with all necessary information for a healthy and effective layout. Keeping record of your results, motivating you, tailoring personalised programs according to your training sessions and giving the most direct live form of feedback.



Enterprise and Sports Award for ENTREPRENEURSHIP by IINDESCAT

Project process