Vestel TV

  • Client: Vestel
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A TV for original equipment manufacturing.

Vestel is a Turkish home and professional appliance manufacturer which as of 2006 is the largest TV producer of Europe with more than 8 million units sold accounting for a quarter of the European market. Apart from Vestel’s own product line the company also produces as an original equipment manufacturer or OEM brand. This means that as a company they will manufacture products or parts of products for other companies under another name as the Vestel group.

Stimulo joined Vestel’s ongoing VNB tv project to provide a different design style for the already existing range of very narrow bezel tv’s for the Low cost OEM line. As a small international design team in Barcelona, Spain we could provide a different and out of the box Point of view for Vestel’s in-house design team, challenging the work of the internal developers. Our conceptual work was meant to enhance the design ideas of the Vestel team and maybe rupture the traditional corporate way of thinking that exists inside of big international organisations like Vestel. The setup of the project implied working for an unknown multinational company for an OEM product. Therefore the project required a different approach linked to a specific strategic design styling, presenting a balancing exercise between a too excessive product style that would stand out too much and a too generic style which would lack an appealing eye-catching factor. This dilemma would be the defining factor of the success of the project.


To understand how to tackle our new VNB project an extensive research of interior trends and competitors was necessary. trend boards focussing on colours, shapes, materials, textures, Finishes and design lines where developed and our most appealing routes were transformed into our first design sketches. The services stimulo provided focussed on the early design stages. sketches evolved rapidly into 3D models to have a credible verification tool for the feasibility of the product, In our final stage we transformed our 3D’s into life-sized, look-like prototypes which were presented at Vestel headquarters in Manisa, Turkey. Too see the influence of our final work vestel is one of the collaborators of IFA berlin, the world leading trade show for consumer electronics presenting their newest innovations and products.