Case study


  • Client: Wavecontrol
  • Year: 2018

Keeping you away from electromagnetic hazard.

Personal safety is a priority for Wavecontrol, which is an international company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of professional measurement of electromagnetic fields. They contacted Stimulo to collaborate on their newest innovation project searching a solid partnership for full product development. Our experience in product development helped wavecontrol to reach a final product which fulfilled all functional requirements of the design brief combined with a striking design.

Placing the user at the center

The challenge they posed directly came from their prime users, who are working in sometimes harsh, high-altitude and risky environments. Here electric and magnetic field detection can save people’s lives and needs to be as straightforward as possible. Therefore, the WaveMon device was developed; A hugely autonomous, state of the art EMF personal monitor which can detect and alarm the user when dangerous levels of radiations occur.

Iterate, iterate, and iterate again 🙂

The design was reached through a number of different stages running through idea generation phase, early concept sketches, Design iterations and 3D CAD modelling with a strong verification phase to keep our design team focussed on the goal. Several prototypes where created each at different stages of the process, using different prototyping techniques ranging from hand build models, DFM 3D prints, SLA 3D prints to vacuum casted prototypes which all where rigorously tested to reach for maximum quality.

We have developed the WaveMon RF personal monitor to be always at your side, to ensure that you do not find yourself in situations of overexposure to electromagnetic fields.

Safety first
Key factors of the project where safety and usability which was kept into account during every stage of the design process. A multiple sensory feedback system is integrated with a definable trigger threshold that covers audible, visible and vibratory alarms for maximum security. In addition to this we have created a fastening system that can be mounted to your harness, belt or arm that allows us to take the device in your hand and move it closer to the radiation source. An overall lightweight, useful and effective monitoring device that makes sure you are always protected when working near electromagnetic fields.

Project process