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Ready for Grilled lunch?

How is it possible that Spain has so little barbecue tradition compared to places like Holland, Germany, Belgium?

We get plenty of sunshine and good weather throughout most of the year, fresh fantastic veggies and delicious pieces of meat but mostly of Spaniards still prefer to meet friends in bars or restaurants… but, wait, something it is changing in the barbecue world.  If you start thinking about new barbecues the Stimulo team would like to share some insights base in our 6 year experience designing gas barbecues.

Maybe the first question we should answer is if can be Gas Barbecues a better investment rather than charcoal or wood barbecue? traditional coal ones have two basic drawbacks. One is the smoke they generate, and second the tiring problem of cleaning them after use (you need to do it to avoid nasty smell) . Both problems are completely solved with the different models of gas barbecues that we have been designing, studying and reviewing from the market.

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