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Secpho new members!

Deep tech in all sectors of our economy.

We join the Secpho family.
In the latest projects in which we are participating we see that beyond developing new solutions (product and services) we are contributing to creating knowledge that can be applied in different fields; beyond discovering facts, we are investigating them (evidence).

The COVID environment has highlighted the importance of health. Thanks to our experience in this sector collaborating with hospitals, entrepreneurs and manufacturers highlights, the Stimulo team reinforces our commitment to continue exploring the life sciences. In a time of uncertainty, we see the need to align with our customers to help them make decisions, as solutions need to be more customized and tailored to their needs, and unfortunately there are no shortcuts.

This is the reason why we keep consolidating our ecosystem and join SECPHO, the optics and photonics cluster that drives innovation through deeptech in sectors such as industry 4.0, health and wellness, smart cities, security food, mobility, environment and climate action, agriculture, forests and oceans, energy or the aerospace industry.


A cluster that gathers more than 180 organizations promoting technological innovation through deep tech in all sectors of our economy.

Being part of its dynamic ecosystem formed by entrepreneurs, researchers, technology companies, investors and large companies that have the objective of transforming the world, will generate a positive impact for the new challenges of Stimulo and will enrich our innovative ecosystem in areas as disruptive as the artificial intelligence, robots, drones quantum computing, microelectronics, biotechnology, advanced materials or blockchain.

Photonics is present in most of our daily life activities. We find it in everyday consumer electronics such as mobile devices, computer equipment, DVD or Blu-ray players or TV remote controls; in telecommunications particularly the internet; in health through various types of surgery and surgical equipment; in the manufacturing industry or in the entertainment world with holographic effects or laser shows. The versatility and transversality of photonic technologies has made them more and more essential in our daily life, without a limit being set for their applications.

The main areas of action in the research phase focus on science, organizations, experimentation and stakeholders.
We will explore the opportunities that are generated around the life sciences and the power of light as a key element for sustainable development as photonics is everywhere and in every day of our lives.


We are increasingly encouraged to collaborate on projects that have a positive impact on people, the planet and the economy. But what is the impact of our work? We are not obsessed with numbers, we want to make changes no matter how small they are.
For the Stimulo team, Industrial Design is an active and non-contemplative attitude of the environment that seeks to understand and transform, carrying out in some way an action (research) in order to offer innovative solutions that are increasingly participatory, interdisciplinary and co-creation as we interact with various actors (users, suppliers, operators, investors, etc.).

In this increasingly entrepreneurial environment, understanding the context and the “conditions of possibility” will facilitate the materialization of ideas and the fulfillment of the objectives of the project’s stakeholders.


Value of Design

Industrial design is a set of processes within the organization’s innovation process adding value through differentiation, strengthening brand equity, creating culture of innovation, improving customer satisfaction or loyalty, providing social impact and improving financial results.
Linear views of our world are no longer the philosophical approach to understand how the world functions and undergoes transformation. So, we need new tools to interpret world phenomena and becoming —not only being—, and for the work of making and shaping futures, for the present, near and far future.

Design is part of the essence of life. It is the ability to be creative and to find answers constantly and that is why we align ourselves with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Advanced technologies that are behind the current trends in innovation.

We want to join researchers, investors and companies to create deep tech innovations that respond to the challenges of both industry and society… and together TRANSFORM the world.

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