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SPARK Augmented Reality platform.

Stimulo, member of SPARK H2020 European Project

The SPARK project aims at realising a responsive ICT platform that exploits the potential of Spatial Augmented Reality for supporting and fostering creative thinking in the design process. This empowers the conception of new ideas, where the need of an ICT tool to reduce real prototypes is strongly felt. Spatial Augmented Reality enhances the innovation capabilities of creative industries through the facilitation of brainstorming and the early assessment of design solutions in a Co-Design environment.

Stimulo is an innovative SME that is always open to investigate new technological modalities to implement its activities. It will be, therefore, fundamental for providing the project with its point of view, which will be valuable in terms of users’ needs and also in terms of further exploitation of the project results. Stimulo will contribute to the testing and validation of the SPARK project and we will be strongly committed to the dissemination and communication activities.

The SPARK platform is in its nature intuitive and easy to use. It will allow the users to be more creative, since they will have only to move items, duplicate them, and “rework” on them as many times as needed, since everything will be “virtual”. Not only: by involving the customers since the very beginning, it will be possible for designers to propose different variants having an immediate feedback from the customers. In this way, SPARK will support the design process and in particular the brainstorming phase by accelerating the creative thinking of all the actors involved, and the preliminary assessment of the generated concepts. This, on the one hand, will lead to a more creative workflow and, on the other hand, to a reduction of numbers of realistic physical prototypes to be produced and therefore a reduction of the related costs and time.

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